Подарочный сертификат на фотосессию. Photographer in Warsaw

Photo session certificate

You don’t give an object, but an idea. You give an offer, and only the recipient can choose the image, location, discuss everything with the photographer to the smallest detail and get the desired result and beautiful photos

In any incomprehensible situations, give a certificate for a photo shoot!

Gift certificates for a photo session have always been, are and will be a cool gift for your beloved, relatives, friends and work colleagues! Because a photo shoot is a universal gift that will not gather dust on the shelf, it will not wither like flowers tomorrow, will not be eaten like a cake, and it is difficult to “GUESS” with it, since the style and theme of the photo shoot (women’s, pregnant, family, children’s or business photo session) the happy owner will choose himself. Such a gift for any holiday and any occasion: birthday, New Year, Valentine’s Day, March 8, Epiphany, wedding anniversary or just for no reason.

Women love to receive gifts with or without occasion, and even if the anniversary of a solemn event or a significant calendar date is on the nose, men just need to think about how to please their loved ones. Women love surprises and a non-standard approach, and therefore it is simply banal to buy another pan, dish set or bed linen in the store. Women want to please — and first of all to themselves. But with perfume or cosmetics, you can miss a lot and not please the exacting taste of the half. How to satisfy all the desires of a woman without causing her indignation and discontent? I offer the perfect solution — get a gift certificate for a photo session that will solve all problems in one fell swoop!

  • A sea of positive emotions from the process itself (believe me, the process is no less important!) A photo session as a gift is always a surprise and causes sincere joy. And then the light from the spotlights of the photo studio and the clicks of the camera will give a person a lot of impressions, make you feel like a movie star or a model
  • Individually — professional photographers do not have two identical photo shoots
  • Memory — good photos will evoke memories and joy in a person’s soul for a very long time. Especially if you make printouts, or print a photo book
  • No need to learn the tricks and skills of a photo model — a professional photographer will sensitively manage every minute of the process to get an excellent result
  • No need for accompanying cards — a unique (in the truest sense of the word) and beautiful gift certificate, thanks to its unique design, will be a great replacement for them
  • Make-up and support of a make-up artist during the entire photo session will allow a woman to feel irresistible and unique every second of the shooting, which will be confirmed by highly artistic pictures.
  • You yourself choose the cost and the list of services that you can use, whether it is the service of a makeup artist / stylist, renting a photo studio, making and printing a gift photo book


Подарочный сертификат на фотосессию. Photographer in Warsaw


The certificate does not expire. The recipient can contact me at any time by the phone number indicated on the gift certificate itself, or through the form on the website, in any convenient way, and agree on a convenient time and place for the photo session. (However, keep in mind that nothing lasts forever on earth) 

How to order?

Tell us which version of the certificate and design you need. If you wish, you can supplement any certificate with make-up, hairstyle or a beautiful photo book. Report it if needed. The certificate will contain all the services that you ordered.

How to get it?

You can pick up a certificate for a photo session yourself from the photo studio at Warszawa, Slupecka 7, or order delivery

How to pay?

You can pay for the certificate in cash at the studio (if you pick it up yourself), or make an advance payment on the card (if there is a courier delivery)

What guarantees?

We work officially and when you buy a photo session as a gift, you will receive a check for services. Also, if necessary, it is possible to conclude an agreement


Do you want your gift to please the recipient even with its color? Discuss all the details and express your own wishes and considerations! The production of a personalized gift certificate (inscriptions and colors of your choice) will take a little longer (check the timing). However, if you need a gift certificate urgently, I usually have a sufficient number of ready-made certificates to choose from.  

I cannot foresee here all the questions and concerns that you may have about the gift certificate. But, anyway, don’t worry. Everything will go very smoothly and whoever you give a gift certificate to will be pleased and grateful to you for such a gift!

Подарочный сертификат на фотосессию. Photographer in Warsaw