An ideal photo session is a thorough preparation and professionalism of the photographer. Let’s talk about what you need to plan before filming and what you should agree on so that your expectations and the result obtained do not diverge. For any photo shoot you need to carefully prepare, and now I will tell you how.

Decide for what purposes you need photos

Whatever photo shoot you have, it has a specific goal, a task that it solves.

Be honest with yourself and it will become clearer what photos you need

  • for social networks
  • for work, business portfolio  
  • we want likes, attention  
  • for creative portfolio  
  • for personal history

Speak your goal and, based on it, I will advise you on the most suitable conditions for implementation — how much time is needed, where and when it is better to take pictures. 

Selection of references

References are photographs-examples that you will try to repeat to some extent. It is important that they are approximately the same style. References can inspire or simply create an atmosphere.  

I recommend creating an album directly on Pinterest and saving your finds there.

This is a very important point! Don’t neglect them!

Even if you forgot about it, take 5-10 minutes before the shooting itself, or even during it. Believe me, this will greatly improve the result of the shooting.

In addition to helping the photographer, references will also help you yourself — you will find good poses or ideas while you select similar photos. Also, these photos can be shown to a make-up artist / stylist if you use their services before shooting.

Decide on the images and their quantity, prepare clothes

For an hour-long shooting, you can usually have time to change clothes two or three times. Choose clothes and accessories for each look in advance.

There are general recommendations for choosing clothes for a photo shoot: 

  • plain clothes look very good in photographs, calmly shading the faces of the characters
  • it is better if there are no large inscriptions, drawings on the clothes, this is very distracting from the faces in the photo
  • it is better not to combine white with black, as this is too strong a contrast for the camera
  • if clothes combine no more than 3 different colors, then such a portrait will look more elegant and restrained
  • high heels are highly recommended for girls — even if they themselves do not get into the frame, they greatly improve posture 

If there is a nude photo shoot, do not wear tight clothes, traces of straps and elastic bands disappear for a very long time.

The selection of clothes is not an easy task, and it is better not to put it off until the last evening, but to start thinking ahead. And the night before, just put the clothes in order, prepare and lay out.  

What to bring to the shoot, props

Props are pretty easy. Again, look at your references and pay attention to all the additional details that are in the frame — hats, glasses, umbrellas, flowers, jewelry, and so on.

A short checklist that might help you 

  • accessories of your profession (if shooting for business)
  • your hobby accessories
  • for business photo shoots — diary, laptop, tablet
  • food and drink: coffee, ice cream, cotton candy, large lollipops

Choose what you would also like to apply or what is already there or easy to find. 

Makeup for a photoshoot

There are two main options here — independent makeup, or with a makeup artist. The second, of course, is much more preferable, because makeup for a photo shoot and everyday makeup are two big differences. Studio light is demanding, it shows all the imperfections of the skin, even if they were not visible in daylight, the skin glare and shine.

Professional make-up is required for the studio

The main feature of make-up for photo shoots is that it is stronger than usual and more matte. In powerful studio light, your face will shine in almost any case, so you need to actively use powder and foundation. 

Do not be afraid of too strong makeup — it will look normal in the photo. Professional makeup artists usually know all these features, but it is better to talk and explain what exactly you are preparing for.

General tips

Get a good night’s sleep before your photo session. It makes no sense to come to her tired and broken, the result will be the same. Also, before shooting, you do not need to celebrate abundantly — the next day the face will be swollen.

Don’t be late. If we take pictures in a hurry, the result will be worse

Don’t be nervous, try to relax, be yourself. Talk to the photographer about abstract topics. It is normal for the best shots to be taken towards the end of the photo session, when the model releases stress and becomes herself.

In general, if we talk about psychology, the best result is obtained when clients are already familiar with the photographer. That is why I recommend meeting to sign the contract before the photo session, it is also an acquaintance, after which you feel at ease in the frame.


How to prepare for shooting. Photographer in Warsaw

Remember. Beauty is a relative thing. Depending on time, territory, culture, religion and other things, the canons of beauty are different. Our world is huge, and today a person of any appearance has its fans.

The most important element of beauty is self-confidence

We are who we are. Accept yourself, love yourself, be yourself. All this is trite and beaten, but the essence is simple.